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 Glenfarclas 105      60%

Glenfarclas 105

Category: Speyside Cask Strength Whisky



Alcohol by Volume: 60%

Distiller: Distillery

Distiller notes:
Deep peaty-gold, complex and spirity, yet amazingly smooth, slightly smoky, spicy, with a rich long-lasting finish.

Michael Jackson notes:
Nose Big and uncomplicated; raisins, butterscotch and toffee. Body Full, heavy. Palate Very sweet, rich nectar. Finish Long, and warmed by the high proof. This is one to accompany a slice of rich fruit cake. Extra points for cheeky, youthful individuality

The house style for the Glenfarclas distillery is: Big, malty, oaky, sherryish. After dinner.

Associated website:
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